Seguro que no muchos saben que Etiopía fue el único país de África que se libró de un proceso de colonización. Este dato, a simple vista histórico, nos ofrece un nuevo prisma sobre el que enfocar nuestro viaje por este país único en el continente más desconocido.

 Resulta curioso que este enclave sin salida al mar desde hace unos años –se independizó de ellos Eritrea en los 90– que cuente con atletas más famosos que sus monumentos cuando en realidad sus maravillas quizá la conviertan en la joya de África.

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Have you ever thought of travelling in a group to Ethiopia but cannot find the suitable dates, itineraries or services? For 2019 at Timeless Ethiopia we are guaranteeing a number of journeys through the ancient, majestic and mystic homeland of Ethiopia in order to meet the demands of many who wish to be in a group where experiences and interactions are enhanced. Do not miss the dates and check our Guaranteed Departures list which constantly gets updated: you will be surprised by the array of trips and combinations on offer. All departures will be led by an English speaking guide – unless differently specified – and, should the date not suit your agenda, we can customize the tour just for you.

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In order to reach the Guassa plateau from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, you have to travel approx. 260 km. A paved and then ground road (approx. 80 km) leads to Tarmaver. It takes about 5 hours to travel there by car. Is it worth travelling for so long? Definitely yes!!! We will reach one of the most natural places untouched by civilization in the highlands of Ethiopia. The area, occupying approximately 100 square kilometres, is perfect for trekking. There, we can admire stunning views and meet endemic animals, including Gelada monkeys and Ethiopian wolves. In addition, there are beautiful birds - more than 100 species have been counted here, including Ankober Serin threatened with extinction, and predators with majestic Lammergeyer (vulture). The vegetation of the Afro-Alpine zone is also extremely interesting, e.g. great lobelia. It takes indeed half a day to reach to the Guassa plateau from Addis Ababa, but it is worth remembering about the fact that it takes two days to reach the Siemen Mountains offering similar attractions.

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There is an interesting collection of the Ethiopian cultural relic at the National Museum in Warsaw capital of Poland. They were donated by Wojciech Korablewicz, a Polish doctor working in Ethiopia and an author of an interesting book, ”Sun in Ambach”, and professor Stanisław Chojnacki, a founder and a longtime curator of the IES Ethnographic Museum at the Addis Ababa University (there is a memory board at the museum which is dedicated to the professor).

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It is a tribe living the southernmost in the Ethiopian Omo Valley. They live in the Omo River delta north of Lake Turkana. The name of Dassanech means just the people of the delta. The tribe population is about 50,000, they speak a language of the Kushite language group. They are divided into eight clans. Once they were called Galeb but the name was withdrawn because of the negative connotation.

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The 32km light-rail project that had been under construction in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, finally opened earlier last month. The first light-rail system in Sub - Saharan Africa.

The system, which will expand to total 39 stations across the city, is expected to carry 15,000 people per hour in one direction. The infrastructure project was built over three years by a Chinese company after the Ethiopian government secured 85% of funding from the Export-Import Bank of China.

Cars are air-conditioned. For ticket from the Stadium to Megenagna I paid 2 birr.

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