Tribal Culture in Ethiopia

Tribal Culture in Ethiopia

There is no doubt that humans have inhabited in Ethiopia since the dawn of recorded history, as indicated in early cave drawings. The more modern Ethiopians are not a single racial or ethnic group, a fact reflected in the diversity of their languages. Some Ethiopian peoples residing along the river bank of the Omo, such as the Surma, were clearly tribal and semi-nomadic, while others were more reliant on agriculture.

Omo Valley “the last wilderness of Ethiopia”

It's difficult to generalize about such a complex ethnic mix of peoples. Seeing is Believing! Karo girlsIt would be facile to portray South Omo as some kind of living Museum.

Four of Africa's major linguistic groups are represented in the region, including the Omotic-speakers. All in all, depending on where Mursi womanone draws the lines, as many as two dozen different tribes occupy South Omo, some numbering tens of thousands, others no more than 500, each one of them culturally unique.


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